I’m looking forward to the post form a blogger about how to protect oneself in a minefield. If you are old and/or have comorbidities, you shouldn’t be flying in the flrst place. Like UA, AA has followed suit and begin to sell their middle seats, ensuring a full capacity ride. United Airlines makes no commitment to blocking off middle seats, but says it will notify customers when “their flight is fairly full” to give them the option to change it. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Middle seats. Spirit Airlines. United Airlines Won’t Block Middle Seats, Here’s How To Protect Yourself From COVID-19. Do any of you complainers even look beyond the headline numbers? Yes, for passengers and crew. Compensation does not impact the placement of cards in content. UA has continues to talk out of both sides of their mouths. But Frontier’s approach was much better than United’s. Blocked Middle Seat Guaranteed? Of the deaths among younger people, the vast majority involved comorbidities. United Airlines pledged to block the middle seat on flights through May 30. What we’ve seen from reports of office and restaurant spread is that, Seat backs may serve as a partial shield from passengers sitting behind you and you’re facing forward. Alicia Lopez just flew two flights, one of … There were already so many. It’s really and truly as though they just don’t care. Where do you think the money for health care comes from? United Airlines. United isn't the only airline that can't guarantee social distancing on flights. I promise you no spam and no more than one email a day. function FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114bi(){var x=document.getElementsByName('FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114b');for(i=0;i