Protege English Horn Reed… A highly recommended book for every oboe reed maker. Reed diagrams that show you how to scrape, how much to scrape, and an order for scraping different sections of an oboe reed. Students across the country trust Double Reed Club as the best source of high quality bassoon reeds. I have hosted a summer Oboe Reed Making Camp for high school students at Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, MI) since 2011, taught reed making for the International Double Reed Society Conference Teen Camps in Columbus, GA … Chronic over-soaking is the worst thing you can do to a reed! Click for Rush Order Reeds I am also passionate about teaching others how to become successful reed makers. Blackwood Double Reed Supplies Inc., based in Kitchener, Ontario,would be happy to assist you in providing items to satisfy your double reed needs!! I have given guest classes about reed making at the Yale graduate School of Music; musical instrument manufacturing and history for Yale's Center for Engineering and Innovative Design department; and assisted with guest … My approach to reed making is crow-based and focuses on understanding how to use the scrape to manipulate the reed's vibrations, no matter what type of cane, shape, gouge, climate, or altitude. Accessories Reed styles3. I sanitize all my reeds in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for 1 minute and then rinse in Listerine for 30 seconds. I am so enthusiastic about reed making that I even devoted an entire Instagram account to it (@thinthetip)! Tube Cane Splitters. E-mail. Paul van der Linden, describes Adam as an experienced baroque oboe player who has researched reed making extensively and is very dedicated to the occupation. All A.Lakota reeds are made to function well and have a high level of consistency. Intro Reed making is an art, not a science. While there are some aspects of reed… Remember, Priority There are also reed making diagrams for English horn and bass oboe reeds! An oboe reed's fragility also makes it easy to damage (chipping of the tip, cracking, etc. Marlin Lesher has worked hard to build their reputation over the years, and they are now one of the best oboe reed makers, in the industry. Return customers are welcome! Not sure where to start? (Have reed knife, will travel! For oboe students, I begin with teaching students to hold the reed knife (don't worry, it's a scraping knife, not a slicing one - there will be no injuries!). $21.00 Price. I suggest students learning to make oboe reeds tie their own reeds and not buy blanks. For more information contact Thanks for visiting! I am also passionate about teaching others how to become successful reed makers. This also means it is very difficult for us to identify a particular oboe reed by thread color or tying style alone. Guaranteed Satisfaction. K.GE - English Horn Brass Tube: K.GE - Oboe Brass Tube: K.GE - Oboe … oboe reed tie on length. Best oboe reed reviews, Founded 2007, Shop Magic Reed. Shop Cane. Apprentice Oboe Reed. Learn More, The finest cane and staple for English Horn Reeds. 25.00. Oboe Reed Making Tools. Professional oboist and expert reed maker makes best hand made oboe reeds, hand crafted from scratch and hand finished to order. Methods to test for a good American scrape oboe reed by playing 1. Please Sanitize again upon receiving your reeds. Printed in manuscript format and spiral bound. Arrangements for oboe & chamber ensembles including oboe. The Professional Oboe Reed is a completely hand-scraped reed from start to finish. We mark the cork with a unique reed identifier such as a number, letter, or combination of numbers and letters. Past comments from Arnold Sirota { 01.15.11 at 4:29 pm } Intermediate–Plays Most days–Used More than 10 reedmakers–Reedmaking: Buy and do not adjust See the course page here: Oboe Reed Making & Adjustment. Click for Customer Reviews. Every step is important to learn, especially learning to tie the oboe reed. All our reeds are made in the "American long scrape" style from start to finish by a professional oboist and our turnaround time is usually 3-5 business days for oboe reeds and 5-7 days for english horn … $15.00 Price. There is No Signature Oboe Reed. The oboe comes with a reed which has the … All reeds are made to order. Books/CDs. LATEST NEWS. $ 35.00 × Delivery of all Reeds is Currently About 4 Weeks PLEASE Order EARLY and PLEASE Be Patient--You WILL get your Oboe Reeds! This reed model is made with a medium hardness that is excellent for students and players of higher levels. The author tells the reader what to do, what NOT to do, and clearly explains why. $30.00. Our Products >> Oboe Reed Making Machine Oboe Reed Making Machine . To avoid buying both an oboe and an English horn (or oboe d’Amore) mandrel, place an oboe tube that’s missing the top part of the cork onto an oboe mandrel which then increases its size to fit English horn tubes. Oboe Reed Blank. about my reeds. One thought on “ Cascade (oboe) ” admin Post author at . Risk! I have hosted a summer Oboe Reed Making Camp for high school students at Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, MI) since 2011, taught reed making for the International Double Reed Society Conference Teen Camps in Columbus, GA (2016) and Appleton, WI (2017), and have been teaching the oboe reed making classes at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire Double Reed Camp since 2017. The right reed - what is a good reed?4. Apparel 100% money back guarantee. He is passionate about oboe reeds, music, information, and helping people to … The Oboe Reed Book, by Jay Light A manual and reference guide for making, understanding, and adjusting oboe reeds. It "tires out" the fibers and they seem to wear down (lose vibration) more quickly. Often reed makers use a small piece of plastic tubing to help with the seal between reed and bocal. View Details. The “hard” … $380.00. We practice with pieces of cane until the student can evenly scrape a marked area. Cane Shapers. All my Reeds are totally Guaranteed! Premium blog posts that give specifics on the entire process of reed making step by step. — Jim, Oboe Reeds American Oboe Reed Shop is a custom Oboe and English Horn reed maker. ). Reed Drying Boards. Please Sanitize again upon receiving your reeds. Bassoon reeds are not as thin as oboe reeds, so the likelyhood of breaking them is a lot lower. I have made reeds all over the world, from below sea level (Sydney Opera House, Australia) to 10,000 ft. above sea level (Breckenridge, CO), and currently live in one of the most fickle climates of the U.S. (Mount Pleasant, MI). Learn More, Blank Reeds have the same quality cane. Aaron Lakota provides oboe reeds, English horn reeds, oboe cane and oboe accessories to oboists of all levels. At Your Service. Reed Emergencies are Welcome! © 2015 INC | Annapolis, MD | 1-(410)-268-3996, New to Reedmaker? The C-key oboe with a Bakelite wood body and cupro-nickel keys plated with silver comes with its stylish leather carrier. Pliers, Easels & Tool Bags. Reed Making Kits. Reed Tip Cutters. The Stradella OBOEMS Reed is designed to provide play that is consistent which makes it more easy for beginners to understand the basics … 116 pages. 6. Student Reeds Play easily with a great tone. Discounted bulk order tube cane, un-branded staples, and reed coffins for reed makers. Adam inspired Paul to change his own way of making reeds, now making reeds playable in a day or two. All my Reeds are totally Guaranteed! Some oboe reed makers will sell reed blanks that are ready to be scraped. I am a professional Oboe and English Horn player providing student and professional reeds Get Started! English Horn It has a focused, dark tone, and excellent pitch and response in all registers. Shop Bulk. ... and teaching others how to make better reeds. I have a broad range of teaching experiences which include private oboe, piano, and saxophone lessons. An oboe reed should never sit in water for more than 2-3 minutes at a time. Playing oboe is strenuous for sure, and oboe reed making for personal use is not for the faint of heart. Thanks for supplying me the best reeds a guy like me could ask for. Conservatory trained at Juilliard and Oberlin. Mandrels. ATTENTION: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information All of my Reeds are properly Sanitized and DRIED completely before shipment. Aaron Lakota is an oboist, oboe reed maker, and oboe teacher. 1. View Details. Creating a perfect reed, then, is an almost alchemical process, more aligned with wand-making than blacksmithing. International Shipping is at your risk AFTER it leaves control … ATTENTION: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information All of my Reeds are properly Sanitized and DRIED completely before shipment. English Horn Reed Ligature - 100 pcs: English Horn Shaper: GE-Oboe reed skin $20.00. CANE. Please note: the reed makers are free to use their own choice of thread color and will likely come with thread different than pictured. Learn More. $3.60. $28.00. David Cowdy Oboe Reeds . d'Amore Reeds Shorts Issue 2 | ‘Travels with a Bassoon’ 15th December 2020 New Head of Woodwind at RAM 27th November 2020; Alexander Technique for double-reed players 27th November 2020; Nicholas Daniel OBE appointed BDRS Oboe President 24th November 2020; Major new Contrabassoon Solo premiering at … Marlin Lesher Oboe Reed Medium. Reed Making Machines. Learn More, Baroque Reeds are Quality Cane tied on your staple. View Details. I 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with my reeds. ACCESSORIES. + Google Calendar + iCal Export ). Please do not send credit card information to me via HOME REEDS & CANE MUSIC AND DOWNLOADS OBOIST & TEACHER CONTACT Online Oboe Lessons now available via Zoom! ALFA Scraping Knife: Bassoon reed tongue (Plaque) Bocal Reed Tool Kit .