I'll stick to earth-based email providers, thank you very much. I can't remember the link off the top of my head but it's not true. Or maybe it is, insofar as Google is especially skilled at using information, and therefore poses the greater threat for potential abuse... What I want it a privacy option to store my personal information on *MY* computer, and they can ask when they want to look at it--and they had better ask nicely, too. If I was worried about privacy with my gmail account, google wouldn't have my actual name to have the ability to give it out. The person(s) responsible for this bug is going to have a nice and very uncomfy meeting with their supervisor very soon... ...after which exercise balls (in lieu of the usual chair) will be thrown in a fit of unbridled anger (several tech websites will report a mysterious colorful stream of balls spilling out the Google offices). [email protected] 7. The next step is to choose a name which doesn’t suck. In these cases, we suggest contacting the original sender or website when possible to alert them to the mistake. Community ♦ 1 1 1 silver badge. Messages sent to yourusername@gmail.com, your.username@gmail.com, and y.o.u.r.u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com are all delivered to your inbox, and only yours. I know individuals with a hell of a lot of sense who would give their real names in such a situation. Forget the catchall mailbox. Google deserves the benefit of doubt (about this being an honest mistake) as long as they fix it, rather than issuing some BS reason not to. I'm just sayin', you are right though, his name could be John Smith, but that would imply that his parents left a LOT to be desired. Difficile de recenser tous les services de mail gratuit : il en existe des milliers sur Internet. If only Microsoft had released Vista Beta instead we'd have no reason to complain! Is this unclear in some way? Get the daily newsletter digital marketers rely on. edgehfdu@fdh. It instantly checks to let you know if a username is available as you type. Gmail explains it this way (try sending an e-mail to yourself, putting in some dots, and you'll of course receive it yourself, with a small link in the header next to the recipient address (appropriately named, 'yes, this is you'): And two O's in Roloxx. In general, they have become far too helpful to spammers, so I suggested a way that Google could be much less helpful to the spammers [google.com]--but there is no evidence they are interested in it. Just because you and I have a reasonable working knowledge of the ins and outs of the internet, it doesn't mean everyone else does. Posting to say that I moderated you Funny, then realized that "[I've] already posted something in this discussion.". Surely that's the first time it's been fortunate to be on AOL. So email to First.Last@gmail.com goes to the same inbox as FirstLast@gmail.com. You can reverse lookup with a phone book but if all you have is a printed copy it is a lot of work. If this story was about a similar bug with Hotmail and Windows Live Calendar, yes it would. We do not store your gmail address. Messages sent to yourusername@gmail.com, your.username@gmail.com, and y.o.u.r.u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com are all delivered to your inbox, and only yours. I want to convert this to a final list that has the string @gmail.com at the end of each name: #myList# So it will render as: John@gmail.com,Joe@gmail.com,Pete@gmail.com list coldfusion. Gmail allows only one registration for any given username. Even worse, there are rumors that every time you make a purchase using anything other than cash you have to disclose your first and last name. Check the message headers. I thought spammers had managed to access something *important* or something. Your privacy means the world to us. Or maybe a random combination of letters and numbers, like 8nls8923? Once you sign up for a particular username, any dot or capitalization variations are made permanently unavailable for new registration. Because it looks unprofessional (may be a pro or con depending on the business)ie mike@mikesauto.com versus mike34534@hotmail.com, There is also the superficial sense of security. 6 Gmail Username Ideas: Finding Great Email Names.
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